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You can request your course accommodations using either the tools in this section.

Once a request is submitted using this tool it will be automatically sent to SAS. Upon receipt, review and approval of accommodation requests by SAS, your accommodations will be made automatically available for review and acknowledgement by your instructor(s). Prior to SAS approval, if necessary, SAS will be directly in touch with you to arrange an appointment to review your file with your SAS Program Coordinator. 

If SAS is in agreement with your request to activate accommodations, through this process you should be able to proceed to book tests, access notes, and receive exam accommodations to the end of the term shortly after this request has been submitted. If you receive a note indicating your accommodation are not active, please follow up with SAS. 

It will be your responsibility to follow up with each and every course instructor to discuss details related to activation of any or all accommodations.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact SAS.

Be sure to use Chrome or Firefox.

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